UAE Attestation of documents is a procedure which confirms the originality of a certificate by the concerned officer of a particular section who is authorized to do so by the consulate. For the getting the certificates attested by a consulate, first it has to attested by the Government of India, consisting of Home Department or Human Resource Development Department (HRD), Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and finally the consulate. The concerned officer would put his seal or signature in the documents, which can be original as well as copies. Educational documents as well as non-educational documents like marriage certificates, Birth Certificates, Transfer certificates, Affidavit, medical certificates, leaving certificates, company documents etc., can also be attested from Embassy. images (7) bannner

UAE is a hub of trading activities and a popular shopping destination. It is a major economic centre in the Middle East and due to this it is a paradise of employment seekers. People from all parts of the world flock to this part of the world to make a career and try their prospects in various business activities. Here arises the importance of certificate attestation, to pursue a job or career in UAE it is mandatory to get their certificates attested.

The procedure requires the certificates initially to be attested by the regional authority under the state government followed by the attestation of Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi. Then it will proceed to the Consulate or Embassy for its attestation and seal. To get the attestation from embassy it should have the home ministry and MEA attestations. The embassy will only receive the documents after these attestations. Finally after the authentication from Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE the whole procedure will come to an end.

Various Types of Certificates and their UAE Attestation

Under the educational type of certificates it includes degree, diploma, post graduate, diploma, private educational documents and other certificates which announce a merit or qualification of a candidate. It is an essential requirement for getting employment and for higher studies.

Non-educational certificates include marriage, birth, divorce, death, power of attorney etc. Such documentsare required and important for getting family visa, single status certificates and for the completion of all legal requirements according to the rules.